• How lead sources are very profitable for solar power contractors

    Are you a solar power contractor who is struggling to get solar power marketing leads? The most important thing you need to do is distinguish yourself from your competitors by establishing an excellent contractor marketing website.

    Traditional forms of marketing techniques, such as advertising your business on television and newspapers, have been and continue to be costly advertising platforms. Along with their costs, these means of marketing are not adequate in today’s world where consumers are now searching the Internet for every solution possible.

    These are many factors that play into why solar power contractors are investing in internet marketing. With a business as competitive as solar power, it is significant to market your business in a way that is unique and effective. Solar power Internet marketing is one of the best ways for reaching a huge number of potential customers long term. Through solar power Internet marketing, you will also be allowing them the chance to see your solar power business newsletter, guides, blogs and much more.

    Our contractor marketing experts have listed the best techniques below to make your solar power business visible through digital marketing:

    1. Write a blog
    2. Create long-form content
    3. Have an active social media presence
    4. Send a monthly newsletter
    5. Get involved in the community

    Our contractor marketing experts work exclusively to meet your specific marketing needs for solar power. We help our clients meet market demands through a comprehensive approach. Our marketing strategies not only include SEO but also social media, online videos, map optimization and email marketing.

    Some of the results achieved by our clients so far are:

    - Revenue growth from $450,000 a year to $1.1 million – and staff expansion from five to thirteen technicians
    - Revenue increment by over $1 million per year
    - Impressive annual sales growth of 40% year after year

    Our work does not end with the creation of your website. Our contractor marketing experts take care of your website regularly by updating new marketing strategies to keep up with the latest trends. We also make sure that you have a guest blogger who will write fresh content for your website on a regular basis. All of this help will help you rank higher on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
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